List Of Indian Temples Where ‘Men’ Are Not Allowed To Enter Inside

List Of Indian Temples Where ‘Men’ Are Not Allowed To Enter Inside

Do you know that there are few temples in India where ‘Men’ are not allowed to enter?

We had seen few temples where women are not allowed due to some reasons and it is continuing since many ages. They have been facing gender insights whether it is about rights or rituals. Women were seen as a liability and house makers. They were made to feel that they cannot do certain works or tasks given.

Indian Temples where Men are not allowed

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But, here is a fact that women feel more rational and it is about ‘Men’ not being allowed to enter into few temples. This sounds weird but though women are always the first choice of gender inequality, men also face few problems. Have a look at the list of temples in India where men are not allowed to enter.

1. Chakkulathukavu Temple, Alappuzha, Kerala:

Chakkulathukavu Temple

This temple is located near Neerattupuram and it is devoted to Goddess Durga. During the time of Pongal i.e. in January, a one-week ritual is carried out which is known as ‘Naari Puja’. During this week, only women are allowed inside the temple.

2. Attukal Temple, Kerala:

Attukal Temple

The temple is devoted to Goddess Kannaki (Parvati). During Pongal, only women are allowed inside the temple. It is estimated that over 3 million women devotees every year come here for Darshan.

3. Devi Kanya Kumari Temple, Tamil Nadu:

Devi KanyaKumari Temple

The temple is located at Cape Of Kanya Kumari and it is dedicated to Bhagwati Maa. The temple is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean & Arabian Sea. The temple is also one of the Shaktipeeths. According to the Puranas, it is said that the spine of Sati fell here. Goddess Bhagwati Maa is also known as Goddess of Sanyasa. Hence, only Sanyasi Men are allowed till the gate of the temple to seek blessings and married men are not allowed to enter.


4. Santoshi Maa Temples:

Santoshi Maa Temples

These temples of Santoshi Maa prohibit men from visiting on Fridays.

5. Trimbakeshwar Temple, Nasik, Maharashtra:

Trimbakeshwar Temple

Until 2016, women were not allowed to enter the inner sanctum where Lord Shiva’s Lingam is placed. When the Bombay High Court ordered that even men shouldn’t be allowed to enter the sanctum, since then even Men are not allowed to enter to maintain gender equality.

6. Mata Temple, Muzaffarpur, Bihar:

Mata Temple

During a particular period, men are not allowed to enter into the temple including the priests. In other times, men are allowed.

7. Brahma Temple, Pushkar, Rajasthan:

Brahma Temple

This temple is devoted to Lord Brahma and it is the one and only temple of Brahma in the entire world. According to the Puranas, it is said that “Lord Brahma performed a yagna at the Pushkar Lake which he had to perform with his wife Goddess Saraswati. Goddess Saraswati was late for the event, so Lord Brahma married Goddess Gayatri and completed the rituals. Goddess Saraswati cursed the temple that no married man is allowed to visit the inner sanctum otherwise a trouble will arise in his marital life.” Thus, men are not allowed to enter the temple.

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