Google Flights can predict flight delays weeks in advance

Google Flights can predict flight delays weeks in advance

Google Flights has added a new feature that claims to be able to predict flight delays before the airlines post the information themselves.

Using historical flight status data, Google’s machine learning algorithms can predict delays even when the information isn’t yet available from the airlines.

Flights that have a history of being delayed — be it for tight turnaround times or wintry weather conditions requiring de-icing — are now flagged on Google Flights searches.

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The extra information could come in handy for travelers creating multi-legged flight itineraries: If a flight is flagged as normally delayed for 45 minutes, it’s a good idea to choose an alternate connection.

The information could also come in handy for loved ones who will be waiting for flyers at the destination airport or give travelers a little more grace time for airport travel.

“We still recommend getting to the airport with enough time to spare, but hope this information can manage expectations and prevent surprises,” Google says.

Flights are only flagged when the chances of a delay are 80 percent or higher.

Along with the new delay feature, Google Flights will also offer up details about basic economy fares for American, Delta and United, to clarify the kind of options that are included or excluded with the fare, such as baggage fees, seat selection and overhead bin space.


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