Now, send money using Skype

Now, send money using Skype
NEW DELHI: All Skype users will now be able to transfer money to their contacts using the app. Skype has partnered with PayPal and introduced the Send Money feature in the app. Presently, the feature is live in 22 countries including UK, US, Canada and European markets.
Users will now be asked to confirm their location at the time of sending money for the first time. If the Send Money feature is active in their location then they will have to link their PayPal account to the Skype profile. Users have to tap on ‘Find’ tab in Skype chat or swipe to the right and select the ‘Send Money’ option from the add-ins. After selecting the country of their friend, they will be able to enter the amount of money they wish to transfer. The company adds that the sender must have the latest version of the app, in order to send money, while the receiver can have any version.
Recently, Microsoft rolled out its ‘next-generation’ Skype app to Android devices. Bearing version number 8.0, the app will also come to iOS later. The new app, as Microsoft claims, has been built from the ground up. The VoIP messenger now makes it easy for users to chat with groups in a more lively and expressive manner.
It’s now possible to personalize Skype with ‘colours’ and users can also react to every single message in a chat, a concept widely used by Facebook in its Messenger chat app. In addition, users can react in a video call. While all of this can be done under the ‘Chat’ tab in the app, the company has included a new ‘Highlights’ tab as well.
The ‘Highlights’ tab lets users create a ‘Highlight Reel’ of their day with photos and videos to share with others in their contact list. To post a ‘Highlight,’ users can simply swipe to access the camera and take a photo or video, which can be then posted. Contacts can see these ‘Highlights’ and react to them. There is a third tab called as ‘Capture’ that can be used to take images and videos, which can be then posted in the chat.

A new feature called ‘Find’ lets users search for content across the web. It also includes bots to help users search exactly what they want. It’s possible to search for concert tickets, GIFs and more to attach in a chat thread.

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